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Sound Doves

The birds used in our white dove releases are actually white homing pigeons. Unlike actual doves, which are too delicate to make longer flights and do not have a natural homing instinct to find their way home, white homing pigeons are athletes that have a strong homing ability and will fly directly home to their loft after a release. Their spectacular performance is possibly one of the most inspiring events one can witness.

We take pride in the appearance, health, and safety of our “doves.” Our clean and healthy birds live happily at our home in Stanwood, WA where they recieve daily attention and proper training. Because of the effort put into them, they are able to fly over 60 miles very quickly and easily.

Each one of our pigeons wears an ID band with our name and phone number. Should one of our birds get lost en route back to their loft, we can be notified if the bird is found.

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